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  • Curated kits for the Artus shawl designed by Natasja Hornby

    "Artus is a rich tapestry of texture and color. The mosaic border is easy to work, allowing for creative color combinations that consistently produce fantastic results.
    Artus is not a delicate, sheer layering piece; instead, it’s a substantial wrap with a distinct presence. It stands out and adds character to any outfit while keeping you warm and cozy. It’s both eye-catching and functional, a true statement piece."


    Artus is a triangular shawl that is worked top-down from the center out, starting with a classic Garter Tab Cast On. The shawl features narrow bands of 1x1 color created using the stranded technique. The eye-catching border of the shawl is worked using the mosaic technique, holding only one strand of yarn on every row.


    One size
    Wingspan approx 175 cm / 69”.
    Depth approx 70 cm / 27.5”.


    • Kit 1: 9 skeins of The Farmer's Daughter Remenisce (3 skeins of Madmartigan, 2 skeins of Desert Rose, 2 skeins of Clay Dreaming, 1 skein of Gary Cooper, 1 skein of Many Moons)
    • Kit 2: 9 skeins of The Farmer's Daughter Remenisce (3 skeins of Natural, 2 skeins of Pepper Plum, 2 skeins of Bitteroot, 1 skein of Everything’s Copacetic, 1 skein of Crosscurrent)
    • Kit 3: 7 skeins of Kelbourne Woolens Scout (2 skeins of Sunflower Heather, 1 skein of Burnt Orange Heather, 2 skein of Wheat Heather, 1 skein of Navy Heather, 1 skein of Ocean Heather)
    • Kit 4: 6 skeins of mYak Tibetan Cloud (2 skeins of Cladonia, 1 skein of Black Petunia, 1 skein of Peony, 1 skein of Cherry Blossom, 1 skein of Sugar Beet)
    • Kit 5: 6 skeins of mYak Tibetan Cloud (2 skeins of Corn Flower, 1 skein of Genziana, 1 skein of Salvia Argentea, 1 skein of Cladonia, 1 skein of Wild Daisy)


    • The Artus pattern is designed by Natasja Hornby. The pattern is not included in the kit, but is available on Natasja's website or Ravelry. 

    Artus Shawl Kit

    PriceFrom $126.00
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