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5359 W. Irving Park Road

Chicago, Illinois 60641



Sunday - Monday: 12pm - 5pm

Tuesday: Closed

Thursday - Saturday: 10am - 5pm


Free Street Parking on Long Street

Most availability on East side of the street between Byron St (South of store) and Cuyler St (North of store)

Free Street Parking 

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Your new favorite
yarn shop.

The Bloomin' Spindle - a community and supplier of goods to inspire and support crafters who want to indulge in creative projects.


Our website and our Chicago store will carry exclusive products from yarn makers around the world to showcase their products and engage directly with crafters of all levels through online and in-store learning, unique designs, and networking experiences.


We invite you to sign up for our newsletter for updates on our grand opening, or talk to us about becoming a Bloomin' Spindle provider.

hi, hello. 
It's me, robin.

Though I have been a maker and crafter most of my life, I first started seriously knitting as a new mother.  I needed a creative and portable outlet to occupy my hands while my children learned to sleep. It kept my mind quiet as I sat in emergency rooms and doctor’s offices, and stayed up late with me when my mind needed a few more hours to process the day. I would marvel at the beauty I could create in unquiet settings, and soon knitting became my therapist and companion.


Through the years it has grown into a close friend whom I am constantly getting to know better as our relationship has grown, and we’ve also taken on crochet together to further indulge my love of fiber arts. In recent years, I’ve used my experience as a former teacher at DePaul University and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago to educate and inspire others on their own creative journeys. Working in yarn retail stores is the most rewarding role I’ve ever taken on. I love coming into a space covered wall-to-wall with luscious colors vibrating with creative possibility. I love helping people taking on a challenging pattern and watching them happily realize how many beautiful projects are within their reach. I love amplifying the talents of creative and talented designers, dyers, and artists, seeing their dreams come to life in hands of crafters of all levels. I believe everyone can benefit from working with beautiful yarns. The hallmark of a crafter is the ability to sit with the temporary awkwardness of a beginning, persevering with patience until mastery has the chance to form.


My goal is that The Bloomin' Spindle will be just as inspiring for you as knitting and the crafting community has been for me.

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Owner & Founder

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