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Fynbos Pullover

A love letter to Mom.

I remember sitting next to my mother’s sewing machine as she worked, watching her manipulating needles and fabric and levers and whorls in a way that seemed magic to me. I didn’t understand how she knew which way to place the fabric pieces so they would end up perfect on the outside. The pattern paper made a pleasant crinkling sound as she worked, and it always pulled me away from playtime to look at what she was making. I longed for the chance to try it myself, but my first go at the Singer was a frustrating experience. It really made me appreciate the immense amount of patience and attention to detail that she possesses. My mother doesn’t just sew, though. She knits, she gardens, she builds clocks and she tole paints. Contrary to the well known figure of speech, she is a Jack of all trades and has mastered every single one.

It took me another decade or so after leaving home to feel the itch to play with textiles or wood, and another decade still to find any real proficiency. Crafting has served me well in life as a form of relaxation and an anchor. I am older now, with teenagers growing tall and fast, which means I finally have the bandwidth to work in the crafting world I have fallen in love with. Today, I am on the precipice of opening a yarn shop of my own - the medium closest to my heart. I couldn't be more thrilled.

Stocking the store has been a process but one of the most thrilling moments was convincing Elisabeth Simpson - owner of Beehive Yarns based in the U.K. - to allow me to showcase their gorgeous product on my shelves. When I told my mother, she immediately requested some of the Dusty MCN Sock Yarn for her latest project: The Fynbos Pullover by Teti Lutsak.

Beehive Yarn is a perfect match for this design as Elisabeth's floral notes really show. This proud Ukrainian designer is a botanist first and her love of nature flows and transmutes into her gorgeous patterns. The pattern pairs perfectly with this blended yarn which mixes the practicality of superwash merino and the durability of nylon all while delivering that soft squish with a hint of cashmere.

There's not a day that goes by that I don't feel thankful for the love of crafting my mother imprinted on me.

I love you, Mom! I can't wait to see your latest creation - progress pics below!

I will have some Beehive Yarns available in the shop but I expect they will fly off the shelves so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media to get the latest updates on our grand opening!


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