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Join us for Chicago's first ever cross-city crafting competition! Here's how it works:


Sign up for your team and get your supplies ready! Only yarns weighing 400yd/100g will be counted towards your score so be sure to stock up! 


Pro tip; team spirit dyed yarns by Gnome Depot Fibers get you double the points so head to Miss Purl or The Bloomin' Spindle to stock up!


Craft like mad! Each 15 grams knit or crocheted with 400yd/100g weight yarn will earn you a base and each base you earn puts your team closer to taking home the trophy and you taking home the title of MVC - Most Valuable Crafter - along with some awesome prizes!


Weigh in! Each week, you will weigh in your crafting progress. You can do this by stopping in the store during business hours or knit nights. You can also send us photos of your WIP on a scale via email & social media!

Bring it on home!!!

Keep racking up bases and bring home the big trophy for your LYS! The crafter with the most bases at the end of the season will even take home our grand prize; a skein of their choice from Gnome Depot Fibers and $50 gift cards to both Miss Purl and The Bloomin' Spindle. Sign up below now... Batter up!

Crosstown CAL Sign up


Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch soon!

Stock up and show some team spirit!

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